Landsberg Rallye WP1 V0.9

Enjoy the now even more beautiful Green Heart of Germany!


Download MOD:

Download via MediaFire

How to install:

Copy unzipped "landsbergrallye_wp1" folder to Assetto Corsa game folder: ...\assettocorsa\content\tracks

  • If you have trouble to run the track, please check the official RaceDepartment thread for updates and workarounds:
  • Landsbergrallye WP1 Track release

    Stuff I used to create this track:

    Textures (part):

    Beautiful normalmaps by ISABEL
    A tree
    More trees
    Some woodpile


    Firefighter truck

  • Special thanks to SIM TRAXX for: 3D grass, far trees, bushes, spectators, cars and a lot of experience

  • For more information on how the track was created, please check the How To section (under construction)

    THX to:

    My Girlfriend | My Son | Input | Spudo | Mr.E.Osmo | Locutus | Chief | Johann

    This track is worth about 2 litres of fuel and perhaps 200 of beer and I could use a new graphics card, donation appreciated.