If you like to create a track by yourself you can follow my steps:

  • This basic guide by luchian really helped me to get started.
  • If you want to know more about shaders check this (partly outdated)

My project is build in Blender. So following information is suitable for Blender only:

  • The most important thing to mention is the Blender kn5-exporter made by Thomas Hagnhofer, thanks to this awesome tool my amount of work (in Blender) was certainly halfed.

How I got 3D data for my track

  • First I got the elevation data for my region from SRTM project.
  • Then I imported GPS-track into Blender via Blender-GPX

    Here you can see how the GPS-track matches the elevation data. Automatically :)
  • Now it was time for some Photoshop-Magic to get a high-resolution picture of the whole area to have a better orientation and be able to see streets, houses, trees...
  • Blender-Magic! In general I followed the steps in the BASIC-GUIDE. I "just" had to refine the terrain mesh close to the road. Building the woods in the far and trees with some variety is done with the help of particle systems.